spamassassin 2.54 released

Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Thu May 15 18:42:02 IST 2003

> The DCC website says:
> By default, DCC clients send to UDP port 6277 from an anonymous port.
> Thus, it is sufficient to open a firewall for clients to outgoing UDP
> packets to port 6277 and incoming packets from port 6277. The server
> goes to some lengths to try to respond from the same IP
> address at which
> it received a client's request.
> Could someone dicpher that for me.  The 6277 incoming isn't
> initatiated
> by an outside source right?  On a stateful firewall I only
> need to allow
> 6277 out correct.

That sounds correct to me.  But I have seen some responses (I think they
were from DCC) not come from port 6277.  They just get blocked by my
firewall.  On my stateful firewall, I have allowed udp out to port 6277.


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