SpamAssassin score below 7?

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Thu May 15 16:42:14 IST 2003

I was using 9 with SpamAssassin 2.43. After 2 weeks of experimentation with
a group of users, I now use 6 with SpamAssassin 2.54.

No false positives in those 2 weeks, which contained 10,000 or so messages.

At 13:32 15/05/2003, you wrote:
>ISP List wrote:
>>Anyone doing a SpamAssassin score threshold below 7?  Have any problems
>>with false positives?
>I did a survey in March and reported:
>OK - I had 12 responses (although one wasn't a direct response but
>someone put the numbers in another message!) plus ourselves.
>Average ordinary threshold was 5.6 and average High score was 13.3.
>6 of the 13 are using 5 as the low score, we're now using 4.5 and the
>lowest in standard use was 4.4 although someone said they used 4
>personally but 5 for everyone else. The highest lower threshold was 9.
>On the High SpamAssassin Score, a number of people either didn't use it
>or left it at the default of 20. Just using the 6 who had changed the
>value, the average was 10.
>To some extent experience of the values will vary depending on the
>version of SpamAssassin in use.
>We're still using 4.5 and 10. We get some false positives on 4.5 and
>have a web page for people to request whitelist entries. We striphtml
>and 10 and I'm not aware of any fales positives at this level. These are
>using SA2.53 and by the sound of things it would be worthwhile to move
>to 2.54 since that appears to have incorporated at least one of the
>tweaks I've found necessary!
>(Sorry this is late - regulars may have noticed I'm catching up on a
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