SpamAssassin score below 7?

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Thu May 15 13:32:14 IST 2003

ISP List wrote:
> Anyone doing a SpamAssassin score threshold below 7?  Have any problems
> with false positives?

I did a survey in March and reported:
OK - I had 12 responses (although one wasn't a direct response but
someone put the numbers in another message!) plus ourselves.

Average ordinary threshold was 5.6 and average High score was 13.3.

6 of the 13 are using 5 as the low score, we're now using 4.5 and the
lowest in standard use was 4.4 although someone said they used 4
personally but 5 for everyone else. The highest lower threshold was 9.

On the High SpamAssassin Score, a number of people either didn't use it
or left it at the default of 20. Just using the 6 who had changed the
value, the average was 10.

To some extent experience of the values will vary depending on the
version of SpamAssassin in use.

We're still using 4.5 and 10. We get some false positives on 4.5 and
have a web page for people to request whitelist entries. We striphtml
and 10 and I'm not aware of any fales positives at this level. These are
using SA2.53 and by the sound of things it would be worthwhile to move
to 2.54 since that appears to have incorporated at least one of the
tweaks I've found necessary!

(Sorry this is late - regulars may have noticed I'm catching up on a



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