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Scott Adkins adkinss at OHIO.EDU
Thu May 15 15:54:33 IST 2003

Actually, I have been thinking the same thing.  Users would like to
know *which* rule added the most to the total score, or if there were
rules that subtracted off some point, it would be nice to know which
ones did that and by how much...  Obviously, I have access to the rule
files and can look them up, but most cannot.

If we had an option to turn on the score values in the header, it
would be quite useful!


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> I don't know whether this has been discussed before, but I am wondering
> how difficult would that be to put the score of each spam test in the
> X-MailScanner-Information header?
> e.g. MIME_HTML_ONLY 0.1 ; IN_REP_TO -3.3 ; DATE_INFUTURE_12_24 2.37 ;
> Every now and then we have users who are suprised that a specific message
> has not been picked up as spam and we need to explain to them. Other less
> frequent situations are when we try to determine why a message is a false
> positive. We need to manually dig out the scores for each test and then
> see what would need changing.
> This is a feature I have seen with some commercial products, and it seems
> to be popular.
> Sylvain
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