Outlook Express and headers

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Thu May 15 13:00:07 IST 2003

Thomas DuVally wrote:
>         Since OE has NO reasonable ability to filter on message headers, I have
> been asked to look into solutions to modify how mail gets tagged for
> spam.  Right now we tag in the headers with the report and the "s"'s,
> but do not modify the subject line.  Users can then filter to their
> hearts content... unless they have OE.
>         The proposal to modify the subject line has been rejected and the
> request to modify the body has been put forth.  Preferable at the end.

If your mail is delivered by procmail, you could adopt the solution
we've used. We've produced a web page which allows our "customers" to
select filtering/deleting options based on Subject alteration but you
could do it on the sss's line too. When the page is submitted something
(I don't know what but could find out!) rewrites the "customer"'s
.procmailrc by (un)commenting a collection of INCLUDE statements. This
gives you a generic solution for all e-mail users and the filtering
happens regardless of whether they use a desktop client (even a
deficient one) or webmail if they're off site.



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