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todd Martin todd-lists at
Thu May 15 05:43:23 IST 2003

Hi all,

I'm running a much-older versions of MailScanner (3.12) and
SpamAssassin (2.01) on my FreeBSD 4.7 box. Obviously I have lots to
gain with an update! I'm very much looking forward to the new features
and protection offered by MS 4. My users and I also can't wait to cut
way back on our spam diet with a new SA version.

Anybody have some suggestions for an upgrade strategy? I worry about
downtime, lost mail, security holes, etc. while updating and testing
the new configuration options.

Also, I've been out of the loop for a while: what is the conventional
wisdom for using the following?
        SA 2.54 v. 2.60?
        Default spam score?
        Relay lists?
        Sendmail anti-spam features to enable?

Thanks, in advance, for sharing your experience.


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