User controlled whitelist/blacklist

Craig Pratt craig at STRONG-BOX.NET
Wed May 14 20:44:21 IST 2003

On Wednesday, May 14, 2003, at 12:30  PM, Matthew Bowman wrote:
> Hi
> Has anyone written a Web Based program that will allow a client to
> update
> their own spam.whitelist.rules and/or spam.blacklist.rules ?

WebMin is a great program for this kind of thing - and there have been
posts about a beta WebMin module for MailScanner
( I haven't tried it

But if done in the tradition of other WebMin modules, it's easy to
delegate/limit control on a per-user basis using WebMin. So even if the
MailScanner webmin module doesn't do it now, it would be a great place
to start.


> My future config will be (assuming this syntax is correct)
> Is Definitely Not Spam = /etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.whitelist.rules
>>> spam.whitelist.rules
> To:       /etc/Mailscanner/rules/udcom.whitelist.rules
>>>  udcom.whitest.rules
> From:   @adomain.tld    yes
> If there was a program that could just edit their own
> domain.whitelist.rules that would be magic. Naturally the only person
> that
> has write access is
> a userid that I assign them.
> Anyone got something that they are using ?
> Thanks
> Matthew
Craig Pratt
Strongbox Network Services Inc.
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