Ensim, Redhat 7.2 & Mailscanner and Spamassassin

Michael Derringer mailscanner at DERRINGER.CO.UK
Wed May 14 14:03:33 IST 2003

> Hi
> Has anyone any experience of using Mailscanner and
> Spamassassin on  RedHat 7.2 Server with Ensim on multiple
> domains ? (good or bad)

I am successfully using Mailscanner with Ensim on RedHat 7.2.

Mailscanner functions on the initial sendmail for the server, before it is
handed over to Ensim's virthostmail which then delivers to the domains, so
all email can be scanned or by using rules in Mailscanner just one domain.

Works fine on my system, but currently when users adjust aliases, Ensim
restarts sendmail (not Mailscanner) causing a few problems. I am currently
investigating the python scripts to fix this.

    Michael John Derringer
    Corpus Christi College       tel : (+44) 1223 525652
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