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Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue May 13 23:00:58 IST 2003

At 18:05 13/05/2003, you wrote:
>However, when spam arrives I find that it is not tagged or checked by
>Spamassassin.  Neither does Mailscanner do anything to the spam
>either.  I've removed any reference to Spamassassin in the
>procmail config files.  It's been explained to me that Mailscanner
>starts Spamassassin and maintains it.  This being the case I have very
>carefully checked the Mailscanner  config file.  Can't spot anything
>and no error messages in the logs.
>Is there any way that I can restart Spamassassin or stop it ?  Can't
>find any way to do this.

There is nothing to start or stop. SpamAssassin is a big function library.
2 of the client front-ends for it are the "spamassassin" script and "spamd"
/ "spamc". Both of these methods involve considerable overhead and are
slow, which is why MailScanner doesn't use them. MailScanner interfaces
directly with SpamAssassin's Perl API. You can't start or stop MailScanner
in the same way that you can't start or stop your glibc.

Amavis does nasty things within Postfix that are pretty much incompatible
with the way MailScanner works. Amavis tries to get involved in the message
delivery process, which I personally think is a bad idea. MailScanner does
not interfere with either SMTP service or message delivery, it sits in the
middle instead of at one end.

My advice would be to reduce your setup to a simple Postfix system not
using SpamAsassin, amavis, spamd, spamc or anything like that at all.

Then follow the MailScanner installation instructions (which are very simple).
Once MailScanner is installed, all you need to do to use SpamAssassin is set
         Use SpamAssassin = yes
in MailScanner.conf. No daemons to start or procmail setups to write,
nothing like that at all. Just 1 configuration switch.

I hope that helps explain it a bit.
Julian Field
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