Less Confused

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Tue May 13 19:38:26 IST 2003


> > Amavis is like MailScanner right ? Perhaps i don't understand, but in my
> > eyes you should either run one of them.

> Yes.  But, I've set the /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf file so that
> a virus scanner is not loaded.  I'd like to use Mailscanner just for
> spam checking.  I thought that's what Mailscanner was for ?
> As I understand it Mailscanner loads Spamassassin and checks for spam.

I think your setup is very strange. Do you have a clear view of the
current process yourself ? Whats picking up the mail? Whats dropping the
mail ? Can you draw a process line of how you think you set it up ?

Is MailScanner picking up the mails, is Amavis picking up the mail, where
is mail placed afterwards ?

Why you even wanna keep using Amavis in this setup, it makes your setup
very strange and CPU intensive.

Just follow the guides how to setup MailScanner, it runs just fine, if
you want to make it do something else, fine, but please only do that if
you have expert knowledge of what you are doing currently...

The path should be:

MTA -> MailScanner -> export path ... (either local delivery or MTA alike)

In your setup you use some parts of Amavis, and expects MailScanner to
just pick that up...


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