Feature Request: Multiple Levels of Actions

Derek Winkler dwinkler at ALGORITHMICS.COM
Tue May 13 17:45:05 IST 2003

Feature request:

I'd like to have another level of spam actions but instead of creating
Mid-scoring spam config options why not create  something like the rule

Spam Actions = /opt/MailScanner/etc/rules/spam.actions.rules

spam.actions.rules would contain something like:

9       modify "{Spam?}", deliver
15      modify "{Spam?}", striphtml, deliver
max     delete

with the first line applying to mails which score 9 or below, the second to
>9 <=15, and the last for anything >15. You could have as many or few as

This would eliminate the need for the following config options:

Spam Modify Subject
Spam Subject Text
High Scoring Spam Modify Subject
High Scoring Spam Subject Text
Spam Actions
High Scoring Spam Actions

I'd find this handy anyways,

Derek Winkler
Security Administrator
Algorithmics Inc., Toronto
Tel: (416) 217-4107
Fax: (416) 971-6263
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