Anders Andersson, IT andersan at LTKALMAR.SE
Tue May 13 16:16:31 IST 2003

In mailscanner Im just using the default one. Probably will add some more
but thats on my "to do" list :)
In sendmail I use the following lines:
FEATURE(`enhdnsbl', `', `"550 5.7.1 ACCESS DENIED to
"$&{client_name}" by Wirehub! Internet DynaBlock
("', `t', `')dnl
FEATURE(`dnsbl', `', `"550 5.7.1 ACCESS DENIED
to OPEN PROXY SERVER "$&{client_name}" by Wirehub! Internet DNSBL
("', `')dnl
FEATURE(`dnsbl', `', `"550 5.7.1 ACCESS DENIED to
"$&{client_name}" by Wirehub! Internet DNSBL
("', `')dnl

Its been working fine for me but I guess some might have some better
Im still in the beginning of the long learning curve  :)
More info can be found at


> -----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
> Från: Richard Alexander [mailto:copper_shotgun at HOTMAIL.COM] 
> Skickat: den 13 maj 2003 17:08
> Ämne: Re: SV: DNSBLs
> yes i had removed it from sendmail.  I added it back a little 
> while ago, but i wasn't sure if the feature line in 
> would take precedence over the mailscanner.conf.  
> We do not want those coming in at all.  Which lists do you 
> use in sendmail, and which ones in mailscanner.conf?
> Thanks for the info

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