URGENT: MailScanner issue on Linux mail server

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Tue May 13 15:53:18 IST 2003

Did you disable the straight sendmail processes and let MailScanner start the
sendmail processes?


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> Subject: URGENT: MailScanner issue on Linux mail server
> I installed MailScanner along with F-Prot AV on a system
> runnning postfix. I can see in the log file that MailScanner
> is processing and F-prot is scanning then the email is
> delivered. Where in the heck is it delivered to? No one is
> getting mail in /var/spool/mail and if I try popping the
> email it doesnt find any email. So am I missing something in
> the MailScanner.conf or did installing F-Prot screw it up?
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