SophosBusy.lock ownership problem

Stephen Lee splee at PLEXIO.COM
Sat May 10 15:20:22 IST 2003

I'm running mailscanner-4.20-3/Exim3.36/Sophos3.68 on RH7.3. Once in a
while, the /tmp/SophosBusy.lock file gets created with root.root
ownership. This causes problems as I run MS as exim.exim so an old
/tmp/SophosBusy.lock with root.root ownership can't be removed. Here's a
bit of the log:

May 10 04:59:28 qcfl MailScanner[17357]: Virus and Content Scanning:
May 10 04:59:28 qcfl MailScanner[17357]: Cannot create
/tmp/SophosBusy.lock, Permission denied

Am I missing a config setting somewhere? MS was installed from RPM.


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