Spamassassin & RBL's

Paul Hamilton paul.hamilton at
Fri May 9 09:41:52 IST 2003

Hi all,

We've been trying to get our head around defining
the use of RBL's in Spamassassin and just need some
reassurance of how we go about it.

Do we need to define additional RBL's in

Currently we have the following defined:

score RCVD_IN_DUL 0
score RCVD_IN_DUL_FH 0
score RCVD_IN_RBL 0
score RCVD_IN_RSS 0

Our understanding that '0' means that none are being utilised,
so we need to give them a score for them to be used.

If we wanted to use any of the following:


would we need to define them in

Finally is anybody willing to share their experiences on
spam cop, ordb, infinate-monkeys and osirusoft, does any
one use all 4?

Thanks in advance

Paul H.

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