config Error: Cannot match against destination IP

John Urness jurness at TOMSAWYER.COM
Fri May 9 00:48:48 IST 2003

I am getting this error from MailScanner in the syslog:

mailscanner[6739]: Config Error: Cannot match against  destination IP
address when resolving configuration option  "spamwhitelist"

I have 4.14-9 and spamassassin 2.60.

This is running an a Solaris 5.8 box with sendmail 8.12.9.  I killed
spamassassin thinking it was the problem, but I get the error weather or
not the spamd is running.

There is no reference to "spamwhitelist" in the mailscanner.conf file.

Also notice a funning thing in the error: there are two spaces
between "against" and "destination".  I thought that clue would help me
find the source of this error, but alas...

Any ideas?

John Urness
System Administrator
Tom Sawyer Software

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