Do I need SpamAssassin?

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Thu May 8 22:14:42 IST 2003

I can run more than 20,000/day on a Proliant 1850R with dual PIII-600's and a
gig of RAM and not break a sweat.

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> >Finally, a question about performance. If I have an MTA box in a DMZ
> >running Bind and Sendmail (sending and receiving mail on the
> internet)
> >and the load is really light (we average about 5.000 messages/day)
> >would a similar box be sufficient for MS, SA and anti-virus
> scanning to
> >be placed between the MTA and Exchange? The box I'm
> referring to is a
> >Sun Fire V120 with 550 MHz UltraSparc-II and 512 MB RAM. Will I need
> >more CPU and/or RAM?
> I have a SunFire V120 with 2GB RAM on order at the moment at
> work. Not sure when it is going to be delivered but no-one
> will notice if I hijack it to setup a speed test on it.
> I'll use a sendmail setup probably with SuperSafe=False,
> otherwise sendmail crawls. I'll put Sophos on it for the
> virus scanning. I will let the list know how many messages
> per day it should be able to handle.
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