Do I need SpamAssassin?

John Williams jwilliam at KCR.UKY.EDU
Thu May 8 01:49:59 IST 2003

At 11:50 PM 5/7/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>I would like to keep it simple so what do I need SA for? It's more
>"advanced" but what does it mean to me? Will I get a lot of spam without
>it? Is it worth the added complexity?

Yes, it is worth it.

>Also, the mail system I want MS in uses Exchange on the inside and they
>have anti-virus scanners for that database and also on every desktop.
>Is there any point for me to scan mail for viruses at the MTA (Sendmail)
>level as well? Isn't the virus scan more resource demanding than the
>spam and attachment checks? I'm running Solaris and not all companies
>offer scanners for that platform. Any advice?

I use MailScanner on Solaris 8 with Sophos antivirus at the mail
server (Sendmail) and I also use McAfee on the desktops.  I find
that this dual level of protection is great, although the only viruses
that have gotten through are personal accounts outside the company
that people check.  It was pretty easy to set up and I've found that when
I've had problems the people on this list are fast to help with the right

Another great thing is the filename filtering.  Saved us a lot of trouble...

>Sorry for all the newbie questions but I'm really interested in using
>this. I have a chance of replacing a commercial Windows-based system
>that costs $20.000 a year in licensing alone and I really want to show
>what open source can do but this is new to me so I need help. Thanks.
>/Peter Bonivart
>--Unix lovers do it in the Sun

Feel confident that this product is a MUCH better value and it runs on
very stable operating systems...  Unix, Linux, Solaris...

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