Do I need SpamAssassin?

Juan Quesada baldguy33165 at YAHOO.COM
Wed May 7 23:04:33 IST 2003

If you want a very good scoring system, I would use
--- Peter Bonivart <peter at UCGBOOK.COM> wrote:
> As I understand it MS checks for spam with help from
> databases, it also
> uses blacklists and whitelists. Detected spam can be
> marked and
> delivered or deleted. Am I right so far?
> I would like to keep it simple so what do I need SA
> for? It's more
> "advanced" but what does it mean to me? Will I get a
> lot of spam without
> it? Is it worth the added complexity?
> Also, the mail system I want MS in uses Exchange on
> the inside and they
> have anti-virus scanners for that database and also
> on every desktop.
> Is there any point for me to scan mail for viruses
> at the MTA (Sendmail)
> level as well? Isn't the virus scan more resource
> demanding than the
> spam and attachment checks? I'm running Solaris and
> not all companies
> offer scanners for that platform. Any advice?
> Sorry for all the newbie questions but I'm really
> interested in using
> this. I have a chance of replacing a commercial
> Windows-based system
> that costs $20.000 a year in licensing alone and I
> really want to show
> what open source can do but this is new to me so I
> need help. Thanks.
> /Peter Bonivart
> --Unix lovers do it in the Sun

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