Problems with F-secure and MS

Carl Boberg carl.boberg at NRM.SE
Wed May 7 13:05:29 IST 2003

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I have recently noticed that my f-secure ver. 4.15 on linux is not
working with MS
anymore... It isnt scanning viruses. I have tested it with eicar and
a real virus.
Nothing happens! It just passes through.

It has been working quite well. I think it might have stopped when i
uppgraded to
the MS version before last, 4.15 something... I have now uppgraded to
4.20 but still
no function.

I have checked the config and cant see anything strange. I checked
the wrapper script
and commented out the check for f-secure 4.50. I tested the

./f-secure-wrapper virus.file 

and that works. But it doesnt work when I send email through MS...

Any idea what this might bee? I am now running latest sophos beta AND
f-secure, in that 
order. Headers in mail with virus says:

X-MailScanner: Found to be infected, Found to be clean

Would really appreciate som help on this one :-)

Best regards
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