SV: OT Regarding SA rpm vs compile with MS

Anders Andersson, IT andersan at LTKALMAR.SE
Wed May 7 12:30:54 IST 2003

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> Från: Julian Field [mailto:mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK] 
> Skickat: den 7 maj 2003 13:19
> Ämne: Re: OT Regarding SA rpm vs compile with MS
> At 11:55 07/05/2003, you wrote:
> >Hi
> >First and last big thanks to Julian for a superb produkt  :)
> :-)
> >I know there been discussion not to use the rpm of SA with 
> mailscanner. 
> >Since Im not a great unix admin im just wondered if this has 
> to do with 
> >ms config files or that SA change where the rpm will be 
> installed. It 
> >wont be a big prob to compile SA but Im worried how to 
> upgrade it if I 
> >cant use rpm? Ive tried csv once and broke the hole comp so 
> Im a little 
> >worried since this is production servers!
> >
> >Any hints or future solutions for the possibillity to use the rpm 
> >instead?
> The RPM may work on some versions of RedHat, but not all, as 
> the installation paths need to be changed between versions. 
> This is why the MailScanner installation script rebuilds all 
> the RPMs from SRPMs as it installs each one, it's the only 
> way to guarantee the paths are right.
> Ignore the CVS versions of SpamAssassin, just use the full 
> releases. Download the .tar.gz file, then unpack it with 
> something like
>          tar xzf Mail-SpamAssassin-2.53.tar.gz
> then build it
>          cd Mail-SpamAssassin-2.53
>          perl Makefile.PL
>          make
>          make test
>          make install
> When a new version is released, just do exactly the same 
> steps with the new version and it will just install over the 
> top of the old version.

Maybe I should give it a try, I need to evolve sometimes  ;)
Just setting up a test enviroment fo safety.... :)

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> Julian Field
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