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Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed May 7 12:19:12 IST 2003

At 11:55 07/05/2003, you wrote:
>First and last big thanks to Julian for a superb produkt  :)


>I know there been discussion not to use the rpm of SA with mailscanner.
>Since Im not a great unix admin im just wondered if this has to do with ms
>config files or that SA change where the rpm will be installed. It wont be a
>big prob to compile SA but Im worried how to upgrade it if I cant use rpm?
>Ive tried csv once and broke the hole comp so Im a little worried since this
>is production servers!
>Any hints or future solutions for the possibillity to use the rpm instead?

The RPM may work on some versions of RedHat, but not all, as the
installation paths need to be changed between versions. This is why the
MailScanner installation script rebuilds all the RPMs from SRPMs as it
installs each one, it's the only way to guarantee the paths are right.

Ignore the CVS versions of SpamAssassin, just use the full releases.
Download the .tar.gz file, then unpack it with something like
         tar xzf Mail-SpamAssassin-2.53.tar.gz
then build it
         cd Mail-SpamAssassin-2.53
         perl Makefile.PL
         make test
         make install

When a new version is released, just do exactly the same steps with the new
version and it will just install over the top of the old version.

Julian Field
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