mailscanner-4.20-3 install ...

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed May 7 10:05:42 IST 2003

At 09:46 07/05/2003, you wrote:
>Hi guys,
>rpm -Uvh mailscanner-4.20-3.noarch.rpm
>error: failed dependencies:
>         postfix conflicts with mailscanner-4.20-3
>did you update your specs-file ;-)

You might need to add a "--nodeps" or even possibly "--force" to do it.

>  (or is it 'cause a installed sendmail
>and postfix in paralell, well with nodeps and backing up/renaming files
>that both are using).

What OS and version are you on? If it's RedHat, then you should switch
MTA's using "redhat-switchmail-nox".
Julian Field
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