F-Prot enterprise/small business scanner & MailScanner

Soeren Gerlach so-mlist-alias at all-about-shift.com
Wed May 7 09:47:15 IST 2003


visiting the F-Prot site I recognized that F-Prot does [now?] not only
have two kind of different licenses for their scanner but also the
technique they're using is different.
While the enterprise scanner uses a daemon with TCP/IP communication the
small business version uses the default on demand scanner.

I've noticed in this mailgroup that there were some discussions about pros
and cons using scanning deamons and I know that MailScanner uses currently
the on demand scanner because it can gain full controll in respect to used
resources of the scanning process. So I'd like to ask what the current
status of this discussion is daemon vs. on demand - and: Does MailScanner
support both falvours of the F-Prot scanners?

Thanks & regards,
Soeren Gerlach

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