Turning On Spam Checks with Script

Matt hciss at HCIWS.COM
Tue May 6 18:47:23 IST 2003

What I would like to do is setup Mailscanner so it does Spam checks but all
users are whitelisted by default.  So if they want Spam checks they must
turn it on and they will have no reason to complain to me about seeing there
email tagged with {SPAM?}.

To explain.  If a user wants Spam checks enabled on there email account they
would go to a webpage, enter there email address in a form and that would
enable Spam checks for them.  If they later decide they do not like getting
a bunch of there email tagged with {SPAM?} they could go back and enter
there email in a removal form and turn it off.  It would also be nice if
they could enter a from addresses to whitelist in a form if its being tagged
incorrectly.  All these forms should have access restricted to local IP
subnets I control for security.

Is something like this possible with a perl script?  I imagine one gotcha is
that if a config file is modified by a script it will not take affect until
mailscanner is restarted but that occurs every 6 hours I thought?


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