when is Bayes scoring used?

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I think you need 200 spam and 200 ham.  Try running spamassassin with the -D
switch for debug and see what it says about bayes.  Also, you can run the
check_bayes_db command and see how many spam and ham have been learned.  And
you can run "sa-learn -D --rebuild" and see if it says anything about there
not being enough spam or ham.  These may give you some clues to your


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Hey Julian et all-

In regards to all of the messages I have read that Bayes will not start
working until the magic number of 200 messages is reached, I am certain that
I have processed more than 200 messages and yet I still see no "Bayes"
entries in the headers.

I have checked the files in /root/.spamassassin and found the following:

filename                size            date modified
auto-whitelist          644.0 kb        today
auto-whitelist.db       12.0 kb         3.28.03
bayes_msgcount  3.2 kb          today
bayes_seen              1.3 mb          today
bayes_seen.db           4.0 kb          3.28.03
bayes_toks              2.6 mb          today
bayes_toks.db           12.0 kb         3.28.03

while I was checking these files - I saw that a new file was created and
then deleted called auto-whitelist.lock, due to the fact that the system
starting processing mails at this time.

The questions that I have are:
1-according to previous statements about the size of bayes_msgcount, have I
only correctly processed 3 or 4 emails?
2-why are all of the .db files form a month and a half ago?
3-why are there still no headers containing anything regarding Bayes?

Am I missing something. I have had MailScanner running for about 2 months
now and am certain that I have processed enough emails.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank You

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At 14:18 06/05/2003, you wrote:

Well i have just setup mailscanner 4.20-3 and i have some problemes
with bayes "scoring".

I have the bayes database working as it s modified each time i receive
a mail but when i gor spam i never seen BAYES_DB tag in the scoring of
Is there a minim size of the bayes database in order to be uzed for

It won't start using the results of the Bayes data until 200 messages have
been scanned. The bayes_msgcount file will tell you how many it has scanned
(file size == number of messages).

Thanks in advance for any help

the command
check_bayes_db -db /var/spool/spamassassin/bayes | head -8
0.000        0        0        0  non-token data: db format = on-the-fly
expiry, scan-counting
0.000        0       16        0  non-token data: nspam
0.000        0     1233        0  non-token data: nham
0.000        0    51394        0  non-token data: ntokens
0.000        0        0        0  non-token data: oldest age
0.000        0     1382        0  non-token data: current scan-count
0.000        0        0        0  non-token data: last expiry scan-count
0.027        0        8      801  english

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