Kaspersky doesn't find viruses

Bob Fayne festus at DNSDATA.COM
Tue May 6 05:29:28 IST 2003

I am using Kaspersky v. with MailScanner 4.20-3 under FreeBSD 4.7.
With the default kaspersky-wrapper, no viruses are found.

I commented out this line in kaspersky-wrapper:
ScanOptions="$ScanOptions -F=$PF"      # use profile (config file)

and it is able to at least recognize viruses but doesn't handle them
properly.  When I change back to antivir (no changes to MailScanner.conf),
everything works fine.

I would prefer to use Kaspersky, but has anyone else had success with the
latest versions?

Thanks in advance. :)

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