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Mon May 5 22:18:49 IST 2003

At 21:30 05/05/2003, you wrote:
>Is there any way to allow html for anyone in the spam.whitelist.rules
>list?  Maybe a stupid question, but i am a little confused as to the
>difference between: Spam Actions = deliver striphtml,

That applies only to messages which are deemed to be spam. But "Spam
Actions" can also, of course, be a ruleset, so you can have different Spam
Actions for different users/domains.

>  Convert Dangerous HTML text = yes,

This just strips HTML from messages containing IFrame or Object Codebase
tags. With a ruleset you can set who gets "dangerous" HTML and who doesn't.

>  and Convert Html to text = yes.

This strips HTML from all messages. Again this can be a ruleset, so you can
strip all HTML from messages delivered to/from some users/domains and not

>   We have internal users
>that have html signatures, etc that we would like to allow, but do not
>want PORN html coming through.

In which case hopefully the porn html will be identified as spam. If that
is true, then you can use the "deliver striphtml" spam action.
If not, then you could allow outgoing HTML but ban incoming HTML by using
"Convert HTML to text" with a ruleset that looks like this:
From:  no
FromOrTo:       default         yes

Unfortunately, the reason there are so many different combinations here is
because people wanted them all

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