Selling a product based on MailScanner?

Sat May 3 19:05:57 IST 2003

Well I think thousands of hours spent making up marketing statistics would show that a better name is needed for a commercial
ver$ion of MailScanner, selling the "Julian Field 4000 SPAM Stopper" might prove to be difficult.  Oops... Hope I wasn't suppose to
keep that name a secret till "launch day".  However, having it add HTML ads to the footer of all e-mail shows great profit potential
from the marketing statistics gathered from thousands of hours of made up research data by our firm, X10 is highly interested in
purchasing all the ad space, it seems there is a large market for tiny hard-to-see video cameras.  Also, if it is powered by Google
that would be swell.  Do not forget to get the AOL keyword SPAMSTP, we do not know why you need it, but get one and make sure you
advertise it more than the actual domain name.  Speaking of domain name further intense research after minutes of thinking
discovered that the domain name would be the best domain name; the great news is that it is for sale and in these post
dot com boom days it can be had for next to nothing at just $500,000! Yes, this is all a joke, this is the part where you laugh or
think bad thoughts about me. I suggest laughing otherwise the physicist bills will be quite expensive, cause you know, it's a long
road to recovery.


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> I have had a grand total of about 3 replies to this.
> I'm sure there are some more of you out there!
> At 15:51 29/04/2003, you wrote:
> >A lot of sites are very cautious about having anything other than an
> >"appliance" or a "managed service" for providing email security.
> >
> >So what I would like to do is run a page on the site
> >(linked from that lists products, systems and services
> >that I know about, which use MailScanner.
> >
> >So if you are commercially providing any service or system based around
> >MailScanner to the general public, please drop me a line (off-list).
> >
> >I will give you at least a link to a web page of your choosing (it doesn't
> >have to be just your home page). Give me a few words that describe your
> >product or service, and I might choose to add them as well. If I don't like
> >what you send me, I'll re-write it. So be nice...
> >
> >Exactly what information gets put on the list, and in what order, is
> >entirely up to me. I retain complete editorial control of the whole list.
> >
> >This is a chance for some free advertising, so make good use of it.
> >I'm not charging anything for listing your product/service, but a suitable
> >donation would be appreciated (how much would a commercial site charge you
> >for this?).
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> >Julian Field
> >
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