SpamAssassin score below 7?

Daniel Kleinsinger DanielK at AVALONPUB.COM
Sat May 3 00:36:51 IST 2003

Is there a recommended default spam score?  I rememeber seeing 9 recommended
instead of 5 somewhere so that's what mine is set to, but casually looking
through ham most of seems to have a negative score.  Does anyone who
monitors pretty closely have a record for highest scoring ham?  My
preference is to keep it rather conservative as to minimize any chance of an
fp, but I have a feeling I'm letting a considerable amount of spam through
without reason.  Thanks for any input.


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Subject: SpamAssassin score below 7?

Anyone doing a SpamAssassin score threshold below 7?  Have any problems with
false positives?

Mike Bacher / mike at
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