MailScanner 4.20 and Savi

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri May 2 23:20:10 IST 2003

At 21:31 02/05/2003, you wrote:
>I switched over to Savi now and I noticed that everytime the virus scan is
>ran, SophosSavi always reports 1 infection even when none was truely found.

Curious, mine doesn't do that:
May  2 23:15:09 tinker MailScanner[483]: Commencing scanning by sophossavi...
May  2 23:15:10 tinker MailScanner[483]: Completed scanning by sophossavi
May  2 23:15:10 tinker MailScanner[483]: About to deliver 1 messages
May  2 23:15:10 tinker MailScanner[483]: Uninfected: Delivered 1 messages

>Also when spam checks is set to no, it still logs that spam checks are
>starting.  Is it really running a spam check?

It prints that message if "Log Spam = yes".
As the spam checking switch can be a ruleset, it is difficult to say that
the spam checks will never happen for any message. so it prints it at the
start of *potentially* doing any spam checks.
If you aren't checking for spam, set "Log Spam = no" and it won't bother
you any more.
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