Version 4.20 rule file bug?

Rose, Bobby brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU
Fri May 2 19:52:48 IST 2003

I updated my test box first from 4.19 and Mailscanner won't start.  The
logs have

MailScanner[10515]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus Scanner version 4.20-2
MailScanner[10515]: Syntax error in line 20 of ruleset
MailScanner[10515]: Syntax error in line 21 of ruleset
MailScanner[10515]: Aborting due to syntax errors in

The rules in question are 

To:     jdoe at x.y.z     delete forward spamtroll at x.y.z
To:     x.y.z           deliver forward spamtroll at x.y.z
FromTo: default                 deliver

This was fine in 4.19.  Is it a bug?

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