ANNOUNCE: Version 4.20 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri May 2 15:13:20 IST 2003

I have just released the new version 4.20.

The major new features for this release are support for Postfix and
ZMailer. However, as usual, there are far more improvements and fixes than

Download as usual from

The ChangeLog is as follows:

* New Features and Improvements *

- Postfix support.
- ZMailer support.
- "Archive Mail" feature can now append directly to "mbox"-format files
(they must exist so it can tell you don't mean directories!), as well as
save to directories or forward to email addresses.
- f-prot-wrapper improved to handle ram disks better.
- mcafee-autoupdate replaced with version from Tony Finch.
- ClamAV autoupdate script improved to report when no updates were needed.
- Improved old NOD32 versions parser.
- Sophos.install script improved to create links for Perl-SAVI module.
- RPM init.d scripts improved to handle sendmail, Postfix and Exim systems.
- In MailScanner.conf and rulesets, "_" characters embedded in numbers are
allowed but ignored.
- Addition of "Advanced SpamAssassin Settings", one of which is required
when using Postfix.
- Changed default SpamAssassin timeout to 40 seconds to work around problem
of SpamAssassin's own internal DNS RBL timeout being 30 seconds.
- Check to ensure home dir is writable now gives guidance for Postfix users.
- Updated BSD installation instructions.
- Increased the Minimum Code Status of a bunch of the scanners which
haven't had any reported problems for a long time.
- Updated spam.assassin.prefs.conf removing keywords which are no longer
valid or have no effect on MailScanner.
- Added Czech translation.
- New improved SQL logging code in (upgrading will not
over-write your existing if you have modified it at all).
- Now all distributions come compressed.

* Fixes *

- Fix to problem caused when adding text onto the end of a multi-line
Subject: header to mark that a message has been scanned.
- Fixed problem where SpamAssassin score between 0 and 1 would not produce
a "SpamScore" header.
- Fixed bug in configuration compiler affecting empty default values for
'Archive Mail' rulesets.
- Fixed bug where default rule in "Language Strings" rule was not read
- Fixed bug in ClamAV parser when including scanner name on the front of
the virus reports.
Julian Field
MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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