Filename Rules and double extensions

Paul Hamilton paul.hamilton at
Fri May 2 15:20:12 IST 2003

You could then use a rule that looked like
Allow   customername\.com       -       -
That would allow all filenames which contained "" anywhere
in the filename, which might be enough. If you just want to allow
"" where "xxx" is "doc" or "ppt" or something like
that, then you could do
allow   customername\.com\..{3,4}       -       -
This would allow the "xxx" to be 3 or 4 characters long, which you really
need to do as not all Windows filename extensions are 3 characters long
(e.g. "html" is 4).

Would it also work if we named the specific file endings? i.e.
Just feel this ties it down a bit tighter.

Are we right in thinking that these attachments will still be scanned for
known viruses by MS?


Paul H

Julian Field
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