MailScanner and SA+Bayes - bug fixed??

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Mar 26 15:14:37 GMT 2003

At 14:10 26/03/2003, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm currently evaluating MailScanner to replace our existing mail solution
>and I've been having problems getting the bayes part of SA to work with
>MailScanner since 2.50 came out, all I get is a single file called
>bayes_toks.db which is empty, and nothing else - yet bayes runs fine when
>I call spamassasin from the command-line.
>I'm running MS 4.12-2 and have been waiting to SA 2.52 to come out to see
>if this cured the problem I had with SA bayes and MailScanner - it didn't,
>so I decided to have a look at the MailScanner source, and realised that
>in there is a line that says 'use AnyDBM_File; # doing this here
>keeps SpamAssassin quiet' - I've changed this to say 'use DB_File;'
>instead, and this seems to have cured my problem - I now see all the
>bayes* files (without the .db extension), and the bayes_msgcount is
>growing as it should.
>I'm not sure why this was causing a problem - as my Perl isn't really up
>to much - but I thought if anyone else was having the same problem - this
>might help.

Yes. Comment out the "use AnyDBM_File;" at the top of Also install
"DB_File" using CPAN. This is all resolved in the next version of MailScanner.

You just happened to hit it at a time when SpamAssassin has changed quite a
lot, and so the MailScanner support for it has had to change too.
Julian Field
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