postfix compatability?

Leland J. Steinke steinkel at PA.NET
Mon Mar 24 16:44:16 GMT 2003

Lindsay Snider wrote:
> Hey Matt,
> I sit next to Leland.  We had the same situation thus, I went through and
> commented out the unnecessary lines in /etc/init.d/MailScanner.  I'm
> embarrassed to post this for the code is not cleaned up but, it works.  Note,
> we made changes to the two variables WORKDIR+INQDIR so you will need to
> modify those.
> lindsay

Please be aware that the environment in which our postfix/mailscanner interface
scripts operate has evolved since the scripts were originally written 6-7 months
ago for MailScanner 3.X, when mailscanner was started from cron, rather than
from an rc script, along with innumerable other changes.  I am sorry I neglected
those changes in my original message.

As MailScanner becomes capable of dealing with more and more MTAs, it might be
useful to add something to /etc/sysconfig (on RH linux, at least) to handle the
MTA interface selection.  It's just a thought...


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