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Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Thu Mar 6 15:27:28 GMT 2003

I'm not expert on sendmail or sasl but... sasl is an authentication layer (a 
library) used by sendmail for authenticating of users via SMTP-AUTH (and 
maybe for other things?).

sasl can be configured to use a user database in /etc/sasldb instead of 
/etc/passwd or /etc/shadow (I guess it's the default)...

Most security aware software is rather picky with it's own configuration 
files ownership and permissions... since it's complaining that /etc/sasldb is 
readable by the group, you should try the following:
chmod 600 /etc/sasldb

El 6 Mar 2003 a las 14:47, John Thewlis escribió:

> Hi
> We are seeing the following in the MailScanner log:-
> Mar  6 14:44:47 ns sendmail[27402]: error: safesasl(/etc/sasldb) failed:
> Group readable file
> Any idea what we need to do about it?
> Thanks
> John

Mariano Absatz
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