Sendmail before MailScanner

Didier Belhomme didier.belhomme at FUNDP.AC.BE
Wed Mar 5 19:45:35 GMT 2003

Selon Daron <lists at DILLONST.COM>:

> I have notice that MailScanner ignores Sendmail rules before scanning. The
> problem is tons of non-existant users receiving mail gets scanned and
> processed even though in sendmail aliases file they are set to /dev/nul .

I hope this is /dev/null...

That's a common mistake to think that Sendmail, as Mail Transfert Agent, is
responsible for delivering the message. That's wrong : alias expansion is the
responsability of the Mail Delivery Agent, which is another program
like "deliver" or "procmail". Thus, I dont't think that the Sendmail process
that is located *before* MailScanner should be modified in a way to support
alias expansion. What is correct would be to use the "access" database in
Sendmail in order to reject mail if matching a rule.

> Is there a place in the config to adjust this?

Didier Belhomme
Unix Systems Manager

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