(Scrubbed) Re: filter by size of attachment

Alan Fiebig afiebig at ELKNET.NET
Mon Jun 30 21:10:59 IST 2003

Yes, but my MTA won't allow me to create a whitelist like MailScanner does that will bypass that message size limitation.

In addition to all the other things MailScanner looks for, I'd like to be able to check for overly large messages. But, I have some customers who do not want  any filtering of anykind whatsoever on their messages. So, I just add their 'To:' addresses to the 'do not scan' whitelist in MailScanner, and they get what they want. This of course necessitates the message size check to be done in MailScanner, rather than the MTA.


>Alan Fiebig wrote:
>> Greetings!
>> I know that MailScanner can block/remove file attachments based upon the name of the attachment, but does anyone know of a method to block/remove an attachment(s) based upon size? Many of my dialup account customers have major problems in downloading emails that are over 2 meg in size; some have their client lockup, other think it locked up due to the time involved in the transfer and just abort.
>> I would therefore like to use MailScanner to also block or remove attachments that are over a given size, say 2 meg.
>> All help is apreciated!
>> -Alan
>Doesn't your MTA do this?
>Sendmail -
>O MaxMessageSize=[BYTE SIZE]
>The MTA won't remove the attachment, but it will most certainly not let
>it in.
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