Antony Stone Antony at SOFT-SOLUTIONS.CO.UK
Mon Jun 30 17:49:41 IST 2003


Ganda looks like it should be listed as a Silent Virus, but it isn't, in the
current version of MailScanner (4.21-9).   People might want to add this to
their MailScanner.conf file.

Also, I think I found a bug in the virus reporting message code: I get the
following "$reportword" appearing in reports to the local postmaster when the
subject line of the email containing the virus is blank.   If there's a
subject on the original email, then "$reportword" doesn't appear...

    Sender: dg at
IP Address:
 Recipient: svein.sivertsen at
 MessageID: h5UGLY627292
    Report: Found dangerous IFrame tag in HTML message
    $reportword: ClamAV: xx.scr contains Worm.Ganda-A
 Windows Screen Saver executables are dangerous in email (xx.scr)




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