Sobig-E and McAfee uvscan - intermittent failure to find Sobig-E

Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at USHERBROOKE.CA
Mon Jun 30 16:19:29 IST 2003

Le lun 30/06/2003 à 10:00, Quentin Campbell a écrit :

> Was monitoring the filtering of viruses on the upgraded machine. Both
> McAfee and Sophos were finding Sobig-E OK. 
> Then McAfee failed to find Sobig-E on the next message (file is
> "") although Sophos found the virus OK. The
> next couple of messages showed both scanners working OK again then
> McAfee failed once more to find Sobig-E in a message (same file as
> above).
> I was doing nothing to the machine at the time and the "auto-update"
> script did not run. 
> This behaviour is both perplexing and worrying.

Yes, this makes me quite nervous as McAfee is our sole virus protection
here...  Maybe I will try CLAMAV...

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