Fwd: eTrust Inoculate

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Jun 30 15:04:26 IST 2003

Have just been sent this, may be interesting reading for many people:

>A CA sales representative called and asked how the evaluation was going. I
>explained our setup with 15.000+ accounts beeing protected by MailScanner
>and how we used f-prot today. After a little questions/answers back and
>forth to make sure he fully understood our setup I asked how much it would
>be to use CA eTrust along with f-prot.
>Apparently their licensing policy is a bit different from others. He claimed
>they aim to take a "large portion" of the market so they are very aggressive
>with their prices.
>For us it would be about $55 for two servers. Each "node" is licensed as
>just a node, they dont care how many it serves (citrix beeing the only
>exception to the rule)
>1-99 nodes is approx $28 per node
>There is no limitation on availability for antivirus signatures either, not
>in time or product version. It is "for life" he claimed.

Julian Field
MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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