SpamAssassin 2.55 problem

Nejc Skoberne nejc.skoberne at
Sun Jun 29 14:59:54 IST 2003

Hi again.

> Since you're only receiving a couple of hundred emails per day you don't
> need all those MailScanner processes loaded.  Each of them is consuming
> memory and likely only the first one is actually doing anything.

Thank you both, Gerry and Julian. I will reduce the number of
processes. I did carefully examine MailScanner.conf during installation
file and I also noticed that setting, but I followed a "rough guide"
- about 5 processes a CPU and didn't remember to reduce this later.

Maybe just a hint: what about changing a bit the comment in
MailScanner.conf to something like this:


# As a rough guide, try 5 children per CPU.


# As a rough guide, try 5 children per CPU. (1 children per 20MB RAM)

(I have 320MB RAM and each uses 6.7, that's about 21MB a child.)

Nejc Skoberne
Grajska 5
SI-5220 Tolmin
E-mail: nejc.skoberne at

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