Sobig.E - silent virus?

Kevin Anderson andersjk at SOL-INVICTUS.ORG
Sun Jun 29 10:04:08 IST 2003

what I did was just put in a filename rule to stop all .zi because that is
the extention that it uses.  stopped it dead.

kevin anderson

On Fri, 27 Jun 2003, Kevin Miller wrote:

> It may have been asked already (hard to keep up w/all the posts!) but is
> Sobig.E a silent virus?  And if so, what do I add to the line in the config
> file to indicate that?  My inclination is just "Sobig"  since what's there
> now is:
>  Silent Viruses = Klez Yaha-E Bugbear Braid-A WinEvar
> and presumably it's finding the different variants of Klez, etc.
> TIA...
> ...Kevin
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