MS 4.2x + ClamAV

MW Mike Weiner (5028) MWeiner at AG.COM
Fri Jun 27 20:41:11 IST 2003

I am still seeing some oddities with the latest stable release of ClamAV
within MS. And I believe its an MS issue, I am getting the following in the

Jun 27 11:47:31 spambox MailScanner[2498]: Virus and Content Scanning:

Yet nothing following as to any actions, etc. Yet when I run clamscan
against my HAM and SPAM archives I DO in fact get a ton of "hits" for
various virii, as in the following:

$clamscan -r -l scan.txt .
./nonspam/h5R2GLoi025793: OK
./nonspam/h5R2VVoi027725: OK
./nonspam/h5R2Cpoi024788: Exploit.IFrame FOUND
./nonspam/h5R2Fvoi025725: OK
./nonspam/h5R2UEoi027576: OK
./nonspam/h5R2E1oi025134: OK
./nonspam/h5R2Emoi025373: OK
./nonspam/h5R2VHoi027687: OK
./nonspam/h5R2E2oi025140: OK
./nonspam/h5R2QVoi027269: OK
./nonspam/h5R2Gnoi025894: OK
./nonspam/h5R2Ukoi027655: OK
./nonspam/h5R2PNoi027167: Exploit.IFrame FOUND

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Michael Weiner
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