Bounced messages bouncing back.

Matthew Rothenberg matthew at KAFKAESQUE.COM
Fri Jun 27 15:51:45 IST 2003

We have our MailScanner set to "delete bounce" very high scoring messages.
It is my understanding that MailScanner creates the envelope for these
bounce messages in a method that they will not bounce back to us

...However, this doesn¹t seem to be the case on our server.  Our postmaster
account is receiving bounced messages from the spam report emails (see
example quoted below).

Is this a sendmail issue?  Can anyone suggest a fix?

---------BEGIN QUOTED--------
>N  1 MAILER-DAEMON at redmed  Thu Jun 26 17:12  86/3210  "Postmaster notify: see
 N  2 MAILER-DAEMON at redmed  Thu Jun 26 17:28  86/3080  "Postmaster notify:
see trans"
& 1
Message 1:

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