is per user whitelist/blacklist config and a default whitelist/blacklist possible?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Jun 26 19:41:05 IST 2003

The performance impact is minimal as it is all loaded once and then looked
up for each message.

At 18:30 26/06/2003, you wrote:
>Am I correct that these 3 lines are not needed if we are only checking
>for one TO address, since this is per user config?
>return 1 if $BlackWhite->{$todomain}{$from};
>return 1 if $BlackWhite->{$todomain}{$fromdomain};
>return 1 if $BlackWhite->{$todomain}{$ip};
>For example, I implemented this as a blacklist, including your
>suggestion for the default list:
># new lookup by email list
>sub LookupByEmailList {
>   my($message, $BlackWhite) = @_;
>   return 0 unless $message; # Sanity check the input
>   # Find the "from" address and the first "to" address
>   my($from, $fromdomain, @todomain, $todomain, @to, $to, $ip);
>   $from       = $message->{from};
>   $fromdomain = $message->{fromdomain};
>   @todomain   = @{$message->{todomain}};
>   $todomain   = $todomain[0];
>   @to         = @{$message->{to}};
>   $to         = $to[0];
>   $ip         = $message->{clientip};
>   # It is in the list if either the exact address is listed,
>   # or the domain is listed
>   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{$to}{$from};
>   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{$to}{$fromdomain};
>   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{$to}{$ip};
>   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{'default'}{$from};
>   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{'default'}{$fromdomain};
>   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{'default'}{$ip};
>   # It is not in the list
>   return 0;
>I'll let you know what kind of performance impact it has as we begin to
>build user white/blacklists. Am I correct that this all gets loaded into
>memory when MailScanner starts, and isn't reloaded unless MailScanner
>Ken A.
>Julian Field wrote:
>>If, just after the "return 1" lines in "LookupByDomainList" in
>>, you add
>>   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{'default'}{$from};
>>   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{'default'}{$fromdomain};
>>   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{'default'}{$ip};
>>then it will look up things in the "default" black and white lists after it
>>checks the user and domain-specific ones.
>>If you like, I'll add this to the standard distribution for you, it seems
>>like a handy idea.
>>At 17:08 26/06/2003, you wrote:
>>>I've tested the per user configs (see previous message below) and it
>>>seems to work okay. If anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd appreciate
>>>Next question: Is it possible to have a combination of per user AND a
>>>default system wide config for blacklist/whitelist rules, so that
>>>user at domain can whitelist and blacklist individual addresses or domains,
>>>but a default ruleset containing common whitelisted addresses is
>>>maintained for the server to allow standard stuff to come through
>>>untouched unless the use specifically blacklists it.
>>>Ken A.
>>>> From
>>>># To enable these functions ....
>>>>#   Is Definitely Not Spam = &ByDomainSpamWhitelist
>>>>#   Is Definitely Spam     = &ByDomainSpamBlacklist
>>>>This gives you simple white blacklist functions for TO: *
>>>>Is there any reason why it wouldn't be a good idea to extend this idea
>>>>to something like this:
>>>>Is Definitely Not Spam = &ByEMailAddressSpamWhitelist
>>>>That way, you would have full whitelist/blacklist capability on all
>>>>incoming email addresses, since each file would hold the list for a
>>>>single TO: address.
>>>>Ken A.
>>Julian Field
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Julian Field
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MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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