PornDial-177.dldr ?????

Anders Andersson, IT andersan at LTKALMAR.SE
Thu Jun 26 17:29:11 IST 2003

I just came back after a meeting and saw a lot of these mail caught on
our exchange. I know Im running an old mailscanner but shouldnt these have
been deleted by the virusscanners in mailscanner?
Im gona uppgrade everything as soon as I get some time over but
thought I should ask you pro's first  =)


> The file is infected with PornDial-177.dldr.
> From: Bettye Velazquez <rzl6n31l at>. To:
> nena at <rzl6n31l at>. Subject: re:  marry me
>                       oxasmbh ohsi zfhknf fsk  Nena. Detected
> with Scan Engine 4.2.40 DAT version 4.2.4273.(from LKL22 IP
> user Mailbox - postmaster running GroupShield
> 5.0.964.1 ODS)

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