Postfix and Mailscanner

Jens Dinstuehler Jens.Dinstuehler at IS-AG.COM
Thu Jun 26 13:10:33 IST 2003

Hello all...

>>I tried to send a email local from this server and the email recieved its
>>destination. So i think also the outgoing
>>postfix server seems to work fine.

>Yes, this will work, as the local Postfix delivery agent will probably
bypass the whole 2 queue system entirely... I think I observed that
behaviour when I was testing.
>Which version of Postfix is supplied with Suse 8, or which specific
version are you running?

We are using postfix Version 1.1.4. Thats the latest RPM i we got for suse
8.0 !

The records in the mail logfile say that postfix puts the recieved mail
into the /var/log/ folder. And then Mailscanner should
do its work. But it doesn't !


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