&ByEMailAddressSpamWhitelist ?

Ken Anderson ka at PACIFIC.NET
Wed Jun 25 21:17:39 IST 2003

 From CustomConfig.pm:

# To enable these functions ....
#   Is Definitely Not Spam = &ByDomainSpamWhitelist
#   Is Definitely Spam     = &ByDomainSpamBlacklist

This gives you simple white blacklist functions for TO: *@somedomain.com
Is there any reason why it wouldn't be a good idea to extend this idea
to something like this:

Is Definitely Not Spam = &ByEMailAddressSpamWhitelist

That way, you would have full whitelist/blacklist capability on all
incoming email addresses, since each file would hold the list for a
single TO: address.


Ken A.

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